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No extremes please!


Five years now, since we joined houses

And all this time, we were as one

But now you've caught me with no trousers

And point at me a bloody gun!


Ok, I was a little lonely

That’s why I brought this girl Yvonne

But we exchanged a handshake only

(With or without my trousers on)


Let’s just pretend it never happened

Let’s just pretend it was a dream

Please, put away your deadly weapon

Don’t push it all to the extreme!




And the limit is...


Life is a joke

Which makes you cry

What else on earth could someone call it?

I thought my limit was the sky

And it turned out to be my wallet




My Way


A rainy night, past 2 a.m.

It’s dark outside and kind of brisky

Sleep never came and here I am

Just drowning time in blended whiskey


A bird without a single wing

It drags its feet along the hallway

So many ways to kill this thing

But every time, I do it my way


My Irish friend is nice and smooth

It talks to me without speaking

Helps me accept with handy booze

A destiny of my own picking


I watch my mem’ries passing by

Like lonely headlights on the highway

And once again, I wonder why

The hardest way is always my way...




I did it again


I killed again — a horrid deed

I guess that’s what they call «compulsive»

An uncontrolled, compelling need

And, therefore, much more repulsive


I let it be and I just sat

With Irish whiskey slowly blending

This story is so bloody sad

I screwed it up, my happy ending


A desperate and gruesome crime

Extremely difficult to pardon —

And yet, again, I killed my time

And hid the body in the garden




A Desperate Case


The crime was obvious, and justice had to act

Amidst this grey, and bleak, and gloomy season

The sun got executed for high treason

Together with the moon, accomplice to the fact


Caught by the clouds, each culprit lost its head

And since, surprisingly, there were no bodies

The case was filed away and labeled «Oddies»

The judges yawned and went, relieved, to bed


Alas! All these manoeuvres in the dark

Had no effect — it didn’t get any brighter

In desperation, Autumn took a lighter

And set on fire an entire park




Beyond All Expectations


This real story must be told

Though I’m a little bit embarrassed

In my house comfortably terraced

I caught a most severe cold


And as I didn’t want to try

Some medicine that might be risky

I chose to treat my cold with whiskey

And the result was — my oh my!


The intervention was — divine!

And proved a most effective measure

For it did hide a little treasure

That filing cabinet of mine


However, it is hard to tell

What happened next and what then followed

For, after half a bottle swallowed

My cold was gone, my head — as well




Old Photo


T’was taken once upon a time

The key word here being «once»

When we were all in our prime

The pretty ones, the handsome ones


That once-and-never-after land

Was home to our first romance

With heaps of broken hearts to mend

The lovely ones, the loving ones


That time has flown under the bridge

The age is showing, at a glance

We keep our memories in the fridge

The grown-up ones, the settled ones


And yet, I feel sincere thanks

That by a random stroke of chance

We shared all those silly pranks

The crazy ones, the happy ones!




Past Perfect


In his obsession with perfection

And battles to the bitter end

He always had the upper hand

Over compassion and affection


Until, against all his beliefs

His inner self committed treason —

He cried, for no apparent reason

Over a heap of fallen leaves


With muddy feet and flooded senses

He stood under a dripping sky

A perfectly imperfect guy

All of a sudden lost in tenses

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Чуждое (English) — Чуждое (Français)

Бесхозное Inter-сезонноеКорочеГражданская война Голову задравшиСтадо поименно Когда я был предельно мал (негероическая поэма) Шутки, ирония, подражанияЗверское — Чуждое

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