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Lime Rhymes. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


Dr Jekyll once made Mr Hyde

But was taken by him for a ride

Together, while riding

They just kept on «hyding»

Taking scruples and qualms in their stride




Lime Rhymes. Ruth Hynde


A very posh lady Ruth Hynde

Would mix only with her own kind

At this vanity fair

She, one day, missed her chair

And damaged her broomsticked behind




Lime Rhymes. What a Waste!


An old lady from Cheltenham once

In a contest attempted to dance

She squashed many toes

That’s why we suppose

That she probably wasted her chance




Lime Rhymes. Christopher Wright


A pilot named Christopher Wright

When drinking, could stay up all night

With himself very pleased

He would get very pissed

And miss in the morning his flight




Lime Rhymes. Liverpool Blues


Four guys from a place with a «pool»

Got famous by playing quite cool

I once tried the same

«Beaten» was my band’s name

But everyone said: — What a fool!




Lime Rhymes. Ugly House


A Welsh architect called Rheinallt Bugley

Built a house that was utterly ugly

But when criticism broke

He said: — That was a joke!

Very funny, this architect Bugley




Lime Rhymes. A-dore


Once a poet whom many adore

In the darkness bumped into a door

All the rhymes in his head

Thought: — An earthquake! — and fled

And then he couldn't write any more






Another go, another try

To climb that awesome peak

Of foolish dreams and vain desires

That only make you weak

But maybe now, my chance

Will be within my reach

And life, for once, will have a sense

That God forgot to teach


The slope is steep, the rope is thin

And I am overweight

With stupid qualms and deadly sins

Too heavy, I’m afraid

And blank again will come my dice

No matter how I try

A freezing wind will wet my eyes

As if I were to cry


And silently I’ll walk away

Accepting my defeat

Preparing for another day

On Desperation Street




Flying First Class


Ignition, then a mighty pull

And once again we're airborne

The first class guys are looking cool

Superiority and scorn


In their eyes, in their mind

In every single little gesture

The upper crust of the mankind

They know the answer to THE question


An XO cognac free of charge

To wash down exquisite cuisine

A little bored, these (by and large)

Jerks from the «People» magazine


Gold credit cards, they need no cash

In their seats so ergonomic

And they forget that when we crash

We all are just as «economic»




Turbulence Zone


It's just a zone of turbulence, I know

And yet, it kind of bothers me a bit

Though nothing I would publicly admit

It's just a zone of turbulence, I know


Our mind is a peculiar device

The more we chase a thought, the more it sticks

As if to pull our leg, as if for kicks

Our mind is a peculiar device


A sticky little thought, an awkward question

And what if time was counted, by the minute

For this winged tin and everybody in it?

A sticky little thought, an awkward question


What would you do in those remaining moments?

Whom would you think about? Whom would you call?

Cursing the rise, preparing for the fall...

What would you do in those remaining moments?


Not many options, actually — none

No time to catch up, straighten or complete

Before this quick and ultimate defeat

Not many options, actually — none


I grip my seat and hope it doesn't show

It's just a zone of turbulence, I know


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